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In January 2018 Jackie Tomnie, Chair of Balsall Common Village Hall, was browsing Ebay, and came across a picture entitled:   "Balsall Common WI Footpath Walk August 1973".

She bought this and will be donating it to and displayed in the Village Hall.

The WI are now trying to piece together the background to the picture. The seller of the picture acquired it as part of a house clearance.

Were you a member of the Balsall Common WI in August 1973? Do you remember this picture?
Did you have any input in creating this picture?  If so please contact Kathryn Shayler on 01676 534824 with details.

This picture will be on display in the Village Hall on Saturday 27th. January 10.00 - 11.15am.

The component parts of the Picture are shown below in greater detail